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Resident Evil 5 a huge disappointment?


Recently the Resident Evil 5 demo has been out on the PS Store. I have been one of those people who have downloaded and played it. And after playing it I was disappointed. This game, the one everyone waited for turns out bad? Here are the bad things:

1.Camera is terrible, It’s hard to get around because of it.

2.Combat is slow because if you aim you can’t even move.

3.AI is stupid.

4.When you equip something else the game keeps on going which means enemies can still attack, and you have to find the ammo.

5.Online co-op feels just like the single player. I mean it’s like you’re with a computer AI. You don’t even see the players name. And you know how many times I got ERROR when finding a match. I barely went into a match.

Just to let you know this is the first Resident Evil game I’ve played but I think we can agree that this is not that great. 3 of my friends agree it sucks.

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  1. Its a demo. Its out there so Capcom can see the bugs and glitches that people dont like. Thats what demos and betas are for. I for one am buying the game as soon as i can. I played re4 and fell in love with it

    eh youll get over it. the camera is resident evil and its perfect for me. and the aim is resident evil so suck it up

    Im downloadin it right now. Im watching tropic thinder too bitches. So ill check to see if it sucks as bad as you say. then ima post it up here

  2. Resident Evil is Resident Evil.

    You HAVE NEVER been able to move and shoot, it adds to the suspense and urgency of the game. The camera angles are also all all part of the game.

    Oh and, for your convenience, the enemies should stop attacking when you are switching weapons and reloading? Are you serious?

    If you want some dumb run of the mill shooter go buy one. Resident Evil has always played the same way and it is part of what has made it one of the most successful franchises in video game history.

    Resident Evil is awesome and I’ve been there since the start on PSone.

    Stop hating. Its going to be awesome. Appreciate RE for being its own kind of game and not the same old, same olds. It is almost exactly like RE4 and RE4 is considered by many one of the greatest games ever made.

  3. ?

    1. The camera is ok for me.

    2. I like it ok. a little slow maybe

    3. Zombies are SUPPOSED to be semi-dumb, waffleman.

    4. Yeah that was kinda frustrating for me compared to ratchet and Clank where it freezes to let you get a weapon.

    5. Haven’t tried it, but maybe there weren’t enough people that downloaded it.

    Oh yeah and Lp on PSN said “RE5 * rocks” at least I think that’s what I remember.

    To me it was ok.

  4. to say this nicely hop off of waffleman he doesn’t like it well i am not gonna get it in the first place though because of the whole idea of it stupid to me and no it doesn’t have a chance for game of the year all i care for games right now is killzone 2 because i am gonna get it this month i think well my dad said he would get it for me since i got good grades hope to see you there waffle and i will be in the clan and for re5 i think F.E.A.R 2 Project Orgin will be better

  5. After playing the demo I will not be buying it. The controls suck a*, yes the camera angles are terrible, and the aiming is just f*ed.

    I hated how i could hardly find my partner half the time, and the items confused me. I’m confused now typing this out because of how much of a let down it was.

  6. You didn’t even tried the actual game yet. So, don’t even say that it’s bad already cause Capcom might delay the game and probably fix it.

    Demo was pretty ok (i guess, at least it’s better than the old Resident Evil games)

    There were somethings that were good and bad in the demo.

    Edit: Don’t expect things on games that you want it to be.

    Nicely said Alexander B and Jeseth

  7. Really? I expected this game to be one of the highlights of 2009, Resident Evil 4 was one of my favorite games of all time. Well, I haven’t downloaded the demo yet, but I’ll try it out to see if it really is that horrible

  8. The game has a reason for each one of your complaints.

    1. The camera is DIFFERENT, not bad. It uses an over-the-shoulder camera to still let you see around yourself but still have an intimate feeling to the action.

    2.Individual enemies might be slow but when foes increase in number, the action really starts pumping. Plus, the executioner and chainsaw guy sure increase the level of combat.

    3. The AI are zombies! They’re just slow at reacting.

    4. This is to increase the intensity of the action.

    5. It is the same thing. How is is supposed to be different? Its just a demo. By the time of the full release, it will be fixed.

    You just don’t know how Resident Evil is supposed to play. I’ve been playing since the second game in the series.

  9. Thx 4 Spoiling it Waffle.lol i didn’t play it yet but i did Download it and i was gunna play it on Thursday (1 more day).But That’s O.K.

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