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Questions about Xbox 1 and ps4?


Hello this will b my first time buying a system bc my son is now of age. So my questions are

1. Xbox or ps (we’ve always been ps ppl, but he prefers Xbox I think)

2. When the Xbox 1 goes on sale on 11/22 is it necessary for me to camp out in a line? How easy/difficult is it to get ur hands on one? Is online ordering smarter?

3. Which one will have the newest games available 1st? Ex all the 2k14’s, gta 5 etc

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  1. In order:

    1: The console to buy is the one that plays the most games you’re interested in. Have your son make a list of the games he wants to play (and you’ll let him play!) for both consoles. Ignore any game that is available for both consoles, such as the new Call Of Duty. The console with the longer list is the one to buy.

    2. The Xbox One goes on sale 11/15 I think, but just about all of them have been sold through pre-orders. Additional shipments will arrive every week. Your best bet is to go to a local store and ask when they expect their weekly shipment (e.g. “Thursday morning.”) Then hope you get lucky. Ordering online may also work but be sure you get a firm delivery date.

    3. You can find out what games will be available on day 1 by going to Gamestop.com and looking under the PS4 or Xbox 1 areas.

    Note: Many games will continue to be released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. In fact, some aren’t even scheduled for the PS4 and Xbox 1 (yet.) For instance, GTA5 is only on the PS3 and Xbox 360. It is unknown when there will be a PS4 and Xbox 1 version. Even looking into 2014, there are going to be a lot of games released on the PS3/Xbox360 that do not have a PS4/XB1 version announced (yet?)

    As a result, you may want to consider buying a Xbox360 or PS3 first. There are a lot of games – even recent games – that will keep him busy. Then, in a year or two, you can buy him a Xbox 1 or PS4 and the prices will be lower. Plus, there will be many more games available too.

  2. 1. You need to look at the games your son likes. I don’t know if your son is 14 years old or 8 years old.

    Know that most bigger games come out on both systems.

    2. Because pre-orders have been going on sense June stores won’t have very many. You better off place a pre-order on some site. Or call already and see how big there pre-order list is.

    3. Bigger games will come out on both systems on the same time.

    Here is what you need to ask yourself.

    1. My Family likes to play these types of games __

    2. I think my Family will enjoy the Kinect Games. Yes/No.

  3. 1. Xbox One for me.

    2. With the pre-orders being sold out for both consoles camping out is pretty much the only option if you want a chance of getting it on that day. Chances are slim though. You could order one online but it will not be available to get on launch day though, but at least it would save you having to camp & wait in long lines.

    3. Both. GTA V is not available for either console nor are either backwards compatible with Xbox 360 (One) or PS3 (PS4) games.

  4. PS4 is cheaper and also there is more games with exclusives included it comes down to this

    Total of games

    PS4 = 33

    XBOX One = 23

    You can’t pre-order on either consoles online they currently sold out but you might find somewhere

  5. I’ll Answer Your Questions Straightforward

    1. Xbox One

    2. I’m buying the Xbox One a year later in case if either of the consoles have problems

    3. Rockstar doesn’t have any plans for GTA V on Next-Gen Consoles, i believe games will have same release dates for both consoles.


    * Xbox One is 100$ more expensive as it brings kinect.

    * Xbox One has AMAZING Exclusives ( Titanfall, Halo, Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break ).

    * PS4 has good exclusives like ( Infamous and Killzone ).

    This might result in hate but PS4 exclusives other than ^ are not very interesting.

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