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question about my xbox360 and the red ring of death?


hi and thanks for opening my question. i got my x box not even a month ago and was wondering has the red ring of death problem for the xbox360 been fixed? i only play for maybe 3-4 hours a day and i only play games but the area i keep my xbox is not exactly the best venelated place. it has a wall about 1 foot behind it and is in an enclosed place. i put a fan in it though and after i play for maybe 2 hours ill turn it on which faces direcly at the back of it. i keep it flat not standing and was also wondering do the intercoolers for the xbox by nyko work? i heard the old one was bad but the released a new one called the ex i think and was wondering if that one voids the warrenty and helps prevent the rrod

any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  1. From what I understand, the Overheating issue with the Xbox 360 STILL has not been resolved. I don’t think Microsoft really wants to address this problem because most likely, at this point, the best solution would be a complete redesign of the casing and ventilation system. I’m sticking with My Original Xbox until either the issue is Really and Truly Fixed, or a New Xbox is Released.

  2. i dont think have completely fixed the rrod but they have got it a little more under control. i got the intercooler from nyko and i think it works really well. i don’t know if it voids the warranty or not.

  3. they completely re-vamped the processor technology and chenged ventilation in August 2007, so the red-ring problem is not gone, but has been significantly reduced, to more normal failure levels. My xbox is in the same type of place and it has been fine with no fan installed for 6 months.

    I also have heard that intercoolers and add-on fans make the problem worse. I don’t know of an official microsoft statement on that.

  4. I thing the red ring means your X box has a problem but i do not think that that is why. possibly though, you also might want to open a window or something but its never happened to me before. and i hoped this helped

  5. Xbox360 has a 33% failure rate.better take precaution, do the following:

    -Play on a hard surface, NOT carpet.

    -Play in a ventilated room.

    -Play in open space.

    The reason for RROD is over-heating.If you leave your 360 in a nice cool space then your 360 should last longer (not forever, but longer). My suggestion by your description is to move your 360.

  6. xboxs arent meant for sit downs, also the heat thats exhauster from the back is going back to your xbox. So move it to a open area

  7. if it ever gets red ring call

    1-800-4-myxbox. and the fans are good. i have one. and you shouldn’t get red ring after xbox fixes it.

  8. No its not been fixed. it can happen when you have an interal hardware failure. My xbox is in a ventilated place aswel but iv had the rings of death 3 times. my xbox is still going strong though 😛

    DONT GET A FAN. Makes your xbox worse, it messed my mates up about 10 minutes after he put it on there.

  9. No it hasn’t been fixed yet I’ve had 3 xboxs and my second 1 got the red ring of death but don’t worry about it all you have to do if you get it go to the website call them and they will tell you to send it in and they will fix it for free. They told me mine was gunna take a while so they sent me a new xbox which is just as good. And don’t worry about the memory on your hard drive because they make you take that off and the face plate too. Im not sure about the intercoolers don’t really think you need one cuz you don’t play that much.

  10. The new intercooler from nyko does help and keeps your 360 cool. Microsoft has not fixed the rrod yet and gives you a 3-year warranty on it. Your 360 should be fine in the place it is in. The old one like you said messed it up, I know this from experience. I took it off and it helped for a couple more months then still went f.u.b.a.r on me.

    Your xbox 360 should be just fine in the plce it is in with the new intercooler. The rrod is, to me, completely random and can only be fixed by sending it in.

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