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Q.U.B.E. – Director’s Cut Review


Q.U.B.E. - Director's Cut Review


  1. Am I the only one who preferred Q.U.B.E. without the bland, exposition-filled, Armageddon-wannabe plot and preferred the cryptic storytelling?

  2. the puzzles in QUBE were fun. i noodled my way through them in a sitting. but where i take issue is the story: the setup and progression is really interesting, but when the ending comes, it doesn't resolve in a satisfying way and it makes the whole story seem tacked-on in context. then i read about the non-director's cut edition not having a story at all and i realized… it was tacked on. kinda unfortunate, because in the beginning, the story really sucked me in.

  3. I feel like you should do a list for the most forgotten, rare, or underrated PS2 games. Personally, one of my childhood favorites (which I may or may not still have lying around somewhere) would be Whirl Tour. It's basically about a groupie (the player character) going around to find the kidnapped band he's been touring with through various times and locations. A rare gem for the PS2 (as well as GameCube) in my opinion.

  4. I really love this sort of review you do Larry, and wondered when you're bringing it back? I've watched all of them so many times I know them word for word! A little too obsessed you could say.

  5. if there were more games coming out today that shunted the whole idea of trying to be some sort of "zomg super serious post or pre apocalyptic grungy brown "photo realistic" and drab looking generic "adult"' affair, and, instead, were to be more like qube, in simply not pretending to be anything other than a fucking video game that's supposed to be a good time, i would play a hell of a lot more modern games than i currently do. the original steam version of qube gets higher marks from me though cause it didn't even try to have a plot. it was just "hey, here's a rather unique puzzle game to play. remember what a game is?" – at any rate, fantastic review of a great game. if only more developers could be this inventive with modern 3d gaming.

  6. damnit because of the oddity archive whenever you say qube I can't help but think of the TV

  7. Hey Larry, been really enjoying your videos! Was wondering since you like first person platformers if you've played Deadcore yet. Pretty fun platformer that you might enjoy (and it's pretty cheap too)

    Anyhow, keep up the good work :)

  8. Anyone interested in developing a 3D game with me? Its not really a puzzler but more of a simulator. Crumpet simulator requires you to toast and butter a crumpet. Points are awarded for filling each crumpet cell with butter and deducted if you over butter. Butter lost while leaking out through the bottom of a cell is not counted.

  9. I don't remember the voices talking about space and stuff in the game?? That really spoiled the special ending of the game!!

    Because in earlier releases of the game you didn't know that you where on a spaceship untill the ending of the game.

    Was this narration added to the directors cut edition?? If so then the director is a stupid idiot for spoiling his own game!! :(

  10. Oh, I remember playing QUBE like 2 or 3 years ago. I wonder how much QUBE has changed in those last years…

  11. i remember seeing this on steam and was intrigued to try it out, but it was during a time where i promised myself to not buy anything for a while. but i saw it and immediately thought of portal, a game that i truly really love, and was disappointed that i didn't get the chance to play it. i set it to my wishlist and forgot about it after a while, and when i saw this video i thought "oh yeah! i remember this!" and decided to see what the game really was before going off and buying it. if i do end up buying this eventually, im sure i won't regret it! 😀 (for now i have other games to play, so I'll save Qube for later)

  12. So what's the Deelio with Dr Pepper? What taste is it supposed to be? I like Pepsi and Coke, but I can't get a beat on Dr Pepper. To me it tastes like Coke with a Vanilla aftertaste…

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