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PS3 Will read CD’s but not Blu-Rays!?


My PS3 will play and even import CD’s, but it will not read the games! Help!

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  1. Did you get the 80010514 error? This is very simple. Either u didnt install your filmware update right or u messed up your blue-ray diode. If you messed up the blue-ray diode call sont and they will give u a brand new one. Make sure you have very good internet connection and you install filmware updates CORECTLY. By that i mean install it with strong interenet connection or via storage device.

    If you bought it from local game store, see if they are willing to fix it (well u hav to pay them).if you still have warranty just call sony.if you dont, you have to find a local retailer who is an expert in fixing these kind of problems.

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