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Ps3 Turning on by itself?!?


Over the past few weeks I have noticed when I go into my room, my ps3 is on , the first few times I thought it would be the dog knocking the blue ray remote. However, most of the time it is out of reach. It has become a lot more frequent, i cant seem to find any answers on the web, can someone help me?!?

Any help is greatly Appreciated. Thanks 😀

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  1. You could be accidentally pressing the PS button or your PS3 could set to turn on and off automatically! Mines does that for updates after I joined Playstation Plus!

  2. when you press on the ps button on the controller it will turn on the ps3, no matter what room you are in your house. so if you have little sisters/brothers. and old controllers lying all over you house that could be one solution.

    EDIT: not tv, but ps3. lol

  3. Your PS3 is haunted by a ghost that is addicted to playing video games. What you need to do, Is call Ghost busters!

  4. I cannot explain for the rest, but sounds to me Kevin Butler hacked your PS3 because you replaced his job as VP for First Person Shooter.

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