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ps3 overheating what should i do please help?


so i was playing black ops and my ps3 decides to turn off, it did not blink yellow but did red. after two hours i went to get the disk out and i did. but it turned off after 5 seconds. is it permanently damaged and what is the problem. im not gonna play it for the week and will that help. how han i fix it.

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  1. One trick that helps is to buy a tiny cheapo fan that you can get anywhere such as Target or even Dollar Tree. Do NOT put the PS3 in an entertainment cabinet or closet when using it. The enclosed space is too hot for it. I keep the back of mine unobstructed and put the tiny fan behind it. It is ALWAYS on when I play. My friend’s PS3 overheated and died in only a year. Mine is over two years old and still running like new. That $9 fan saved me from having to spend $120 to get it fixed. I still believe Sony rushed the PS3 into production without ironing out all the problems. They still have hard drive and overheating problems across the board although mine (knock wood) is still running fine but now the HDMI input slot isn’t working any more.

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