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PS3 on a regular TV?


If I hook up a PS3 to a regular TV will it still look the same as if it were hooked up to a HDTV or will it look a little worse? If it does look worse is it enough to be very noticible or so little you can not even tell?

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  1. it will have a little less quality because a normal tv only goes up to 480i and the PS3 goes up to 1080p. you will probably not notice a big difference unless you are used to watching tv in HD and plus the PS3 only comes with av cables and not hd-av cables

  2. It’ll look better, but not THAT much. It’ll have larger resolution, that’s it. My PS3 is hooked up to a good regular TV, I’m happy with a quality.

  3. if you hook it up to a HDTV you still need HD cables either component or HDMI. if you use a regular tv it still looks better than a ps2.

  4. If you hook up a PS3 to an SDTV (standard) it wont look as good, but a little better than a PS2. So it will look not just a little, but to me ALOT worse.

    If you hook it up to an HDTV, you can see stuff in 720p – 1080p. That’s a big difference. You can see everything, from a grain of sand to a person sweating.

    So you can tell alot if it’s connected to an SD vs an HDTV.

    Oh and for HD, you will need a component cable or an HDMI.and an HDTV

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