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ps3 noise of fan?


My ps3 was silent when i bought it

then one day when i had it down in my living room (it is usually up in my bedroom) i was playin spidy 3 and it got really noisy

now after 10 mins it gets so noisy and hot that i cannot watch a dvd and my room gets really warm

can anyone help me?

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  1. Same here, It used to be so quiet but now after i moved it its changed. I think you should keep it away from and walls or anything that can block the vents. Also make sure the room isn’t to hot, that could cause alot of problems.

    Hope I helped:D

  2. Best thing to do is give the console free space about 6cm in all directions for better ventililation.

    Do not suck it out with a hoover (or as they say in the U.S vacuum cleaner) because this could displace or even damage internal components.

    Use a tissue or duster to manually clean it now and again.

    If you have a 40GB PS3 then it should have a feature called an autofan cleaner (nice)

    Heres a person who did it with theres: [url is not allowed]

    If you don’t have the 40GB model then sorry mate its manual labour and TLC for your PS3.

    Hope that helps.

  3. You need to have it in a well ventilated open area. It will kick in to a faster fan speed that’s louder if it doesn’t get enough cool air around it.

  4. yeah its probly got over dusted dont worry about it just give it a fan test!

    if you dont no how to watch this vidio

    [url is not allowed].

    hope i helped good luck!

  5. first see if the vents are blocked if they are take the dust out with a hoover or something then see if its next to a wall or in a tight place if it is then move it somewere else this should work

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