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PS3 issue with accessories?


I cant get my headset to work on my PS3 I accidentally changed the setting and now on Input Device its stuck on “Do not use” output is stuck on “System Default” i have tried everything!

It is a USB device, i have unplugged it plugged it back in.restarted 4 or 5 times. I have also reset to default settings, it does not work.

PLease, i know how to use the headset and change headsets.

The issue is the PS3 will NOT let me switch from “Do Not Use” under the output device settings, and “system default” under the input device.I tried every button but it will again NOT let me change these settings or pick the USB device. I have used it before but the settings got changed on Accident.

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  1. You might have to do restore the PS3 back to its factory default settings, aka format hard drive so all settings are changed back.

    Before you try that, if you have Resistance Fall of Man, load it up and click play online multiplayer. In the main menu where you see find game, community, party etc click options. Then go to audio device settings. The game has its own setting which is exactly like the PS3 menu’s one, maybe it would work if you tried changing the default voice from here.

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