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PS3 isn’t working :(?


When i put any CD in my PS3 it just doesn’t read it. I’ve tried cleaning the hard drive, i’ve tried that thing when you hold the power button and reset the ps3 its just not working, what should i do?

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  1. Is it reading your blu-ray movies and games? Does it read standard dvd movies? Or is it just cd’s? The problem is your laser isn’t working and needs to be replaced or it is dirty and needs to be cleaned. You could try cleaning it with a cleaning disc that they sell online or you could open up your PS3 and clean the lens by hand. The PS3 has two laser lens’: one for reading standard dvd’s and cd’s and one for reading blu-ray. If either is broken you need to buy a laser replacement–one laser replacement houses both laser readers. You can find them on Amazon and eBay.

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