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PS3 HDMI Setup Help?


Okay heres the situation, My PS3 is set to HDMI, But I Decided to bring it over to my friends house to play it. He doesn’t Have a HD T.V, so i just used the R/W/Y connectors. But now the screen is blank, because the ps3 is regestered as connected to hd and not to the RWY Connectors. If someone has a ps3, can you just tell me the number of moves to get to the Display Setup, and change the display. Also, can you tell me What buttons you press and stuff like that, This is so far how much i got.

4 Moves Left

6 Down


Please help me thanks

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  1. Ok so this isnt a big problem. All you have to do is set your PS3 like regular, with the composite A/V cables (R/W/Y) and then turn on your PS3, but dont let go. Hold it until you hear another beep. So two beeps in total. (One for turning it on, and another beep after holding for 5 sec) This tells you that the PS3 reset it back to it’s orginal settings which is the SD 480i.

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