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ps3 gets yellow light then shuts off?


Turn on in the back. push power in front and get red light blue light then yellow. then red light blinking

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  1. Yellow Light Of Death.

    In other words, ur ps3 is screwed.

    Should have taken care of it while it was living.

    That’s why I treat my ps3 like its my baby

  2. What Phineas was trying to explain is that that is YLOD. “Yellow Light of Death”. It happened when something is wrong with the PS3. I might not have that much information, but if you want, you can research it here – [url is not allowed]. It shows you how to fix it.

  3. You have the infamous Yellow Light of Death (YLOD). There are a few different types of it. Two that I know of have to do with either overheating, or with the motherboard. You’ll have to send it in to be repaired if you want it fixed, or depending on the price that it costs to fix it you could just always buy a new Slim. The Slims are better in terms of YLOD, but they can still get them. Its very rare though for any PS3. PS3’s do have the lowest failure rate of any system to date.

    And if you have the older Fat model, it was bound to happen sometime soon. My buddy just actually got the YLOD on his 40Gb Fat that’s backwards compatible. He’s had his since the first day it came out. He sent it in and it works good as new. They had to wipe out the hard drive though. Only downside.

    If you still have the warranty they’ll fix it free. If not you’ll have to get some money for the repairs.

    Hope that helps.

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