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ps3 doesnt turn on, what do I do?


my brothers ps3 doesnt turn on, HELP! whn the switch in the back is turn on, its alrite but whn u hav 2 press the power button in front, it just turns green 4 a few seconds then it turns back on red. Actually, It goes frm green then yellow then back 2 red, it keeps on doin this.?

I need help, anyone ever go thgh this, thanks 4 all ur help

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  1. It’s broken, thats what the yellow light means. Search YLoD on google

    You could just leave it alone and hope its just overheated (if you were playing it before hand) otherwise.gutted

  2. see if the fan on the back is working. If not take a vacum with a house attachment and suck out the dust on the vents. If that doesnt work send it in and DO NOT OPEN UP THE PS3!

  3. Like they said, its the yellow light of death (just a fancy word for a hardware malfunction).This is caused when the PS3 is heated then cooled repeatedly, especially when OVERheated. The solder they use eventually cracks, which causes the malfunction. To get it working again, you’d need to “reflow” the CPU and GPU (essentially, remelting the solder to remove all cracks/bad connections). If you’re still under warranty, Sony will fix this for free. If not, with a little luck and a LOT of know-how, someone could manage this themselves if they armed themselves with a heat gun and a tutorial video on youtube. Keep in mind that if your ps3 got the YLOD in the past, it WILL happen again and will eventually be beyond repair. Self-repairs will last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on if you did it right. If you dont do it right, it may only last a few hours if it works at all.

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