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ps3 controller wont connect?


i bought a ps3 controller off of ebay although it didnt seem like an official controller from sony because the buttons were bigger than on my controller i got with my ps3, it had the sony sticker at the back and it says sony on the controller

it was fine for half a year then it stopped syncing with my ps3, it could turn on the ps3 but wont sync

it’ll work with the usb connected but when i take it out 4 lights keep blinking, and when connected it shows 2 lights when it is controller 1


i already tried reset button

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  1. well you can go to best buy or another technology store or you could sell the controller to gamestop and then buy a new one

  2. When Sony issued firmware update 3.50 recently, it disabled some 3rd party USB adapters and some controllers (non official licensed PS3 adapters and some controllers) so maybe you that’s the reason your controller isn’t working!

    Click the link for more information!

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