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Ps2 memory card into Ps3?


Just wondering if there is anyway to get a Ps2 memory card into a ps3 can i just insert it or do i need to buy something. And what about steering wheels for the ps2 can i get them into the ps3?

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  1. go to radioshack.com and type this in the search bar (26-723). thats the part number for an adapter that will let u connect ur ps2 controllers, steering wheels, etc, to a ps3 usb port.

  2. you buy a memory card adapter and put your ps2 memory card in it and it transfers all the info to your ps3 through the cable that hooks up to the usb thing. you could find it at best buy. idk if the steering wheels work but i had ps2 ddr games and i cant use the dance mat for ps3 because the controllers were different so im guessing you cant get the steering wheels into the ps3 =/ good luck w/everything tho =)

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