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Possible to play PAL Playstation One games from UK store on USA NTSC PS3?


I live in the USA and have a 60GB PS3. I really like the way the Playstation 3 is more open than the previous machines. The Playstation Network stores allow you to browse and buy games from different regions, and I’ve had the following experience:

– PS3 games from any region work fine on my machine.

– Only NTSC games from the “classics” series (Playstation One) games run on my NTSC, 60GB USA PS3. That means games from the USA, Hong Kong, and Japan stores.

– I can purchase PAL Playstation One games from the UK and Australian PSN stores, and I can put them on my PSP without much trouble, but they don’t run on the PS3 because of incompatible video settings.

Does anyone know of any way to trick the NTSC PS3 into running these PAL titles? It seems that with all the video hardware on this thing, conversion should not be a problem — especially when someone is willing to pay for the old games.

I want to play Motorhead, G-Police, and some others without having to hit Ebay for old discs.

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  1. You may be able to try 2 things:

    1) Use an HDMI to DVI cable and hook it up to a PC monitor, monitors can usually display both NTSC and PAL.

    2) Use a converter box like the Viewsonic N series, then hook it up to a PC (I’ve done this with PS2 Pal games in US and worked fine).

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