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Playstation vita living overseas?


I want to buy myself a PS Vita but I live in China (an expat in an IB school) and next year im going back home to Scotland for University but i woud like to buy a vita while im still here would i have any problems when going back to the UK? or should i wait the months till i get to the uk?
im only getting the WiFi version I dont see the value of the 3g version

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  1. You’d have no issues. All vita versions are unlocked, and multilingual. Also the PSN Store type is tied to your account region & location. You “can” access the other stores (Like japan) with a few tricks but it wont lock you into the Chinese store. Even if your in china & you made your account while in the UK, The UK store will appear on the vita

  2. If you’re getting the WiFi-only version, shouldn’t be a problem (except maybe the usual one of HK and JPN swapping over the O and X buttons).

    If you want the 3G one bear in mind the Vita is GSM-only, which means it won’t work with China Unicom, and I’m not sure about China Mobile (its GSM but a different frequency). You’ll need a card for one of the UK GSM operators too (Verison at least).

  3. should be fine

    for questions on 3g vs wifi I recommend you watch the youtube review:

    [url is not allowed].

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