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PlayStation three not showing up?



today me and my brother have been playing the ps3 a fair bit-not excessively but a fair while.

We recently got a wii and hooked it up just fine. So today we tried both systems and they both worked fine. So i went ahead and hooked them up to our wireless LAN so we could play online etc. So after I did that, the wii worked fine but when we tried to turn the ps3 on, it doesn’t work. Also the controllers, when turned on flash for about 10 seconds then turn off again. We have the Sony Bravia with the HDMI cable if that helps. Also im pretty sure all the cables are in securely, ive checked this a few times. Any suggestions as to why its not working?

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  1. If the power cord is plugged in, but the power light isn’t on, check the Main Power Switch in the back of the PS3.

  2. Turn it on from the PS3, the controller cant sync up since you disconnected it before and someone probably tried turning it on from the controller while it was unplugged!

  3. You can try holding down the power button for 10 seconds (when the light is red) to reset the display settings.

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