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Playstation 3 Key Mod Chip?


in my ps3 i have firmwar 3.50 which is the newest! the chip “jailbreak” does not work in this version! but what about the other chip known as “key”? can i use it in 3.50 version? please give me details!

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  1. Well maybe they find a way to get it to work again on firmware after 3.41

    For now though you probably have to wait.

  2. Currently none of the keys can work on 3.50 but ps3key is one of the more “reliable” ones and they are working on a solution. ALWAYS purchase from reliable stores to avoid knockoffs – following are local and good!

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  3. You do know these devices only allow you to back up your game to the HDD, right? Which includes both “Jailbreak” and “Key”.

    You still need the original game disc in order to play the game. It is a waste of money and does not in any way allow you to play illegal copies of games.

    What you are paying for is the ability to put the game disc on an HDD, internal or external, and that is it, it is NOT a “Mod” in any way. It does not allow you to play the game from the HDD, and it does not allow the play of other games. If you really want to waste your money on these things, then go right ahead, but you obviously don’t like doing research, or you would now it is all a waste of money.

    I could give you a free program that would allow you to copy your game disc to an HDD, the exact same thing “Jailbreak” and “Key” allow, so the thought of paying for something that doesn’t do anything is the definition of idiot.

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