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Playstation 2 Help!?


My Playstation 2 is being a jerk.

First I turn it on.

Then I put in my gutair hero.

Then I click Browser.

Then I See the Memory card glowing.

Then it sais reading disc.

Then it sais Disc Read Error.

What can I do?

My dad has gone to pick up a disc that cleans the machine, but do you have any ideas what rong?

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  1. First try the cd lens cleaner. If that doesnt work you will have to send it in to sony, they usually fix it for free, but it takes about a month to get it back. My warranty was void because i opened it up. When opening the system be careful not to discconnect the power ribbon attached to the top shell. Fixed mine by lightly rubbing the laser with a quetip and alchohol and drying it with a seperate quetip. Afterwards, i blew out the rest of the system with compressed air staying away from the laser, let it dry and tested it out, success. Only do this if your warranty is void and they refuse to take it back, also dont do this on a carpeted surface. Most likely the problem is dust built up on the laser not your guitar hero disc.

  2. Is this only happening with the Guitar Hero game? or is it happening with all games/discs.

    If you haven’t tried any other discs yet, grab a music CD or another game and try it. If the result is the same, then it is likely the laser reader in the system finally went bad. If the disc works, then it is your guitar hero disc. Either the disc needs cleaning or it has been scratched beyond repair.

  3. sad.its an awesome game.i reccomend getting it to a local game shop to get it fixed or simply buy new one

  4. u probally got a defective disk i would return it to the store and get another 1and request that u can try it out in the store

    because thats what i did when i got a defective disk

  5. take the game and spray it with windex, then wipe it, its all you need, trust me it WONT MESS IT UP. i know it sound dangerous.

  6. Sounds like your PS2’s laser died. Same thing happened to me. You are better off buying something else than trying to get it fixed. Cause it will just brake down again.

  7. Find a nice soft paper towel and dampen it with a little water and dishwashing soap.

    Lightly clean the underside of the disc.

    Dry it with another soft cloth.

    Put it the disc in and it should work well.

    Lastly, Have Fun and Rock ON!

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