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PlayStation 1 demo games RPG?


A long time ago when i had a ps1 i had a demo that i think came with it. It had this rpg on it that i used to play all the time but i cant remember the name of the game. All i can really remember of the game is the people talking about a storm coming or somethin like that and they’ve locked the gates on their town. There’s a few people that actually leave the town to fight or somethin and the game starts with a few of them bringing someone back who died. In the demo you go to sleep and are woken up in the middle of the night because monsters or somethin have gotten into the town and are attacking and you have to fight to protect the town or somethin then before your about to leave the town the demo ends. I played this a veryy long time ago and cant really remember much. if anybody has any ideas that’d be helpful. thanks

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