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Playing original xbox games on a 360.?


I know you have to update the xbox I just done that and there’s only certain games that play. I have one that’s on the xbox website and it still won’t play 🙁 I really wanna play my old games, anyone know why it still won’t work 🙁

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  1. Some games have been taken off the compatibility list because its glitchy and unsupported, now the thing is, Microsoft made a last update a while back so there will be no more games supporting other than the ones that are listed, check the wiki page [url is not allowed]. It has all the current titles that work, some may not work because of it’s programming and can be glitchy.

  2. Ok. knowing which game and what happens when you try to play it would help.

    Also, do you have an official Microsoft Xbox 360 hard drive? Cheaper third-party hard drives often aren’t set up properly for original Xbox emulation to work.

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