Home Playstation Forum Ordered a refurb 60 gig PS3, received a refurb 20 gig PS3?

Ordered a refurb 60 gig PS3, received a refurb 20 gig PS3?


I have the digital receipts and everything for this.

On 10/24/08, I ordered a refurbished PS3 from Gamestop.com

Today, 10/28/08, I received a PS3.but the wrong size. 20 gigs instead of 60 gigs. It even had the 60 gig sticker on it.

I noticed this in the system settings, since it’s a refurb and I can’t find the model number anywhere. The system settings said I have 14/18 gigs left.which is definitely not what I was expecting. I emailed Gamestop, but the automatic return email mentioned that it could take days for help.

I’m not sure what to do? Should I try to get Gamestop to send it back for me? They have a 30-day warranty for these kind of things. If I have to send it back myself, do I have to pay shipping? Do I get anything out of this? Cause this sure is a pain. I’ve never had to send anything back before. And since it’s a refurb, you’d think it’d be 100% fine but I guess they didn’t notice this.

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  1. odds are, you will either have to wait and ship it back. you might get a lucky break and be able to take the unit with a return code and take it back to the store, and swap it out!

    I don’t think you will have any problems with this. Gamestop is pretty Reputable, so since it is DEFINITELY within the 30 day guarantee, you could get ALL of your money back and just try again!

    One of your first errors would be going with SONY! LOL. I haven’t touched a sony game system since XBOX came out! I hope this helps.

    Again, just be a tad patient, and it will pay off!

  2. If you can get compensation of some sort, you could put your own hard drive in the ps3. The only other disadvantages to the 20Gb system are its lack of memory card support and no WiFi, which is used for wireless Local Area Network connections, such as a cybercafe.

    If you manage to receive some compensation, you could consider upgrading to a MUCH larger hard drive yourself, up to 250Gb. Here is a guide that will guide you through the procedure step-by-step

    [url is not allowed].

    Make sure that the hard drive you purchase is 2.5″ and SATA enabled

    However, if this is not to your taste, your warranty should apply from the day you sent the email, so don’t worry about a delay. If gamestop deny this, they are breaking corporate law. If the item does not match its title, you are entitled to an exchange/refund.

  3. It’s possible you have a 20GB hard drive in a 60GB unit.

    Does it have a chrome finish? If it does, that’s what happened. If not, then you got screwed. Call the number on your transcript or any other phone number you see, and tell them what happened. They have to take it back, or you can sue for false advertising. 🙂

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