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Orange box ps3 or mac?


Now I have a ps3 and I could get the orange box for that system but I have heard that it is not the best way to experience it. I’ve read that it runs slowly and that there is no surround sound with on optical cable. My other option would be to run vista or xp with boot camp. I was just wondering if anybody thinks it would be worth it spending 250 bucks for a windows license just to play a few games.

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  1. no its not worth spending $250 just for that license. just play it on the ps3. u get to experience it on a bigger screen with better sound and a better controller.

  2. I bought WinXP just to play some games on my MacBook Pro. It was well worth it, IMHO. I have a PS2 but I prefer playing games on thecomputer, it has a lot more power and runs the games better than any console can. And as to someone else’s comment about the controller, you can buy controllers to use on your computer that are identical to the console controllers.

    BTW, if you shop around, you might be able to find XP Home Edition for less than $100.

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