Home Playstation Forum On the ps3, is it possible.?

On the ps3, is it possible.?


is it possible to sign in two ps3s using the same psn id?

for example, i’m staying over at my friend’s house tomorrow, so can I use my psn id and have all the trophies transfered over and all?

please and thank you.

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  1. Yes, you’re details are saved onto your PS3 when you log into your PSN account but you can’t access them without logging in. It’s perfectly fine to log in your PSN on your friend’s PlayStation, without them getting data or anything. Just log in, remember not to save the password, log out when you’ve finished and everything would be fine.

  2. yes you can create a new user and use your account. the trophies are linked to your account

    be smart and don’t save your password on his system – never do this

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