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on my bravia 100hz.?


my new bravia has 100hz (motionplus or motion flow or sumin like that) but my xbox 360 elite (conected via hdmi) games are mostly 60hz. is it ok to play the games on my tv with motion 100hz thing turned on? cos it seems ok wen i play it. there is a game mode preset, but it makes the picture realy dark and crap compared to how it normaly is.

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  1. It’s fine, the 100Hz is the double refresh rate of your TV (assume you are in Europe where the mains voltage is 50Hz). The double rate is used to display twice as many as 50Hz TVs in the time period, the effect is to smoothen out moving pictures.

    60Hz games will work because your HDTV automatically converts the 60Hz signal so that it can be properly displayed.

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