Home Xbox Forum my xbox360 has a E74 code?

my xbox360 has a E74 code?


My xbox 360 Has one red ring and a code E74 on it. Is there any way to fix this without sending it in to microsoft. Its just out of warranty so I know it will be expensive.

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  1. Microsoft has a 3 Year warranty on those E74 error codes I would check to see if you could get in on that and get it repaired.

    If not you could always try an “Xecuter RROD 360 PRO Repair Kit” It requires taking your xbox apart but if its broken what do you have to lose right? 🙂 It also has a very good success rate it will cost you around 25 dollars.

    But before you think about buying that make sure your 360 ain’t under the extended warranty by checking on the xboxlive website and going to the repair tab.

  2. Are you sue it is out of warranty? Microsoft extended the warranty for the E74 error and the 3 red lights to 3 years. Call 1-800-4-my-xbox about getting it fixed.

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