Home Xbox Forum My X-Box won’t start up when I turn it on.?

My X-Box won’t start up when I turn it on.?


The X-Box icon shows up on the screen, but then it immediately goes to a screen that has “your x-box needs maintenance, please call customer service” in a bunch of different languages. Also, the light around the button that opens the drawer for the game flashes red. The drawer won’t open either. I unplugged it & plugged it back in, but it still does the same thing. Help! Please!

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  1. So, go fix it! The X-Box is saying it’s broke. The drawer won’t open because the whole game system is. umm. broken.

  2. Red Lights? 3 of them?

    If you have a receipt for your Xbox 360 then Microsoft will fix it or send you a new one when you ring customer service.

    Usually they send you a box, and you put your 360 in and send it back, and then wait a while until they send it back to you.

    Anyway, if you don’t have a valid receipt then you are going to have to pay for repair costs.

  3. Another on bites the dust.

    That is known as the The Ring of Death. It infects 33% of xbox 360s. You have to send it back to microsoft for repair using your warranty. If you just got it take it back to he store & exchange. Takes about 6 weeks to get back.

    Glad I bought the PS3 too. If you have to get another system choose the PS3. XBOX won’t keep up in 08-10.

  4. It strikes me that if your xbox tells you that, you should call customer services, if it wont even start up properly then its likely its beyond a simple fix.

  5. You have a defective xbox 360, when there is a message telling you that there is a problem and needs maintainance, then there isnt pretty much you cant do. All you have to do is call xbox customer support 1-800-4myxbox, and tell customer support what you are seeing. They will most likely tell you that you need to sent it out for service. They will send you a box to pack in your xbox 360, and mail it back to UPS free of charge. I mostly will take about a week to return back repaired or they will most likely give you a new one.

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