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My ps3 controllers won’t turn on?


All they do is keep blinking. I did sync them with my friends ps3 though last time I used them

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  1. So they are turning on because the lights are blinking, they just arent linking to your ps3?

    If so, press the reset button on the back of the controller (you’ll need a pin)

    Then connect it to your ps3 and turn it on.

  2. If you sync your controller with someone elses PS3, you have to resync them with your PS3, which means plugging them in and pressing the PS button, otherwise the lights just blink like yours is doing.

    A bad cable can cause the controller to not sync with the PS3, so if your controller won’t sync, then try a different cable. If it still won’t sync, then reset it ( [url is not allowed]. ), then reconnect it.

    If none of that helps, then there is a problem with the controller and you will need to purchase a new one.

    *This was added for others who may have the same problem, and a bad cable was not the problem.*

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