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MW3 Dedicated server (private) for private matches xbox 360?


Hello again!

I have just got a new PC, and I still have an old pc which is only 4 months old and is top of the range (6gb ddr3 ram. etc) and I was thinking of making it into a server to host mw3 private matches as I like to play infection, and I have 40 friends which go to my school which would play (I know them all, and I was hoping for around 24 – 30 in one match) and I know how to make a server, I already have one to host my website, but was wondering how to make it especially for mw3 private matches, and how to programme it and so on, I have looked through the web for the past 2 days with no avail, I do not want to sell this PC or do anything different, I do not want console debates or mw3 sucks, we all are entitled to our opinions!

Any help is greatly appriciated,


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