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Is this normal for a ps3?


the fan geets kinda loud when im playing

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  1. If it gets really loud, that means it’s on the highest speed trying to cool down your ps3. which means it’s overheating. That’s a really good time to give your ps3 a rest and shut it off for a while. If it does this often you probably need to get your fans replaced, since they are having trouble keeping your ps3 cool.

  2. i would turn the ac on if its too hot out or i would open the door if there is a cool breeze. Then within 5-10 minutes you will hear the fan speed reduce

  3. Whether or not its normal depends on your definition of “loud”, as there are a few levels to choose from. If it sounds like a Boeing 747 then you probably should be worried. The fan will speed up if the internal temp rises above the optimal range. This does not automatically mean the PS3 is overheating. Its doing what its designed to do. Its no different than PC fan operation.

  4. The fans kick in higher when the system is getting hot, its completely normal. Unless they are running full on all the time.

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