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Is there anything I can use on the PS3 so I can play FPS games with keyboard and mouse?


My PC is not a very fast PC so if I can’t run any games , I buy them on PS3 but I don’t like using the controller for first person shooter games, so is there anything I can use?

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  1. Well the game either supports it or it doesn’t. I know Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3 lets you use a mouse/keyboard. If you just go to the developers website for each game you want it should tell you. Or just google the game followed by keyboard/mouse compatibility you should be able to see if it supports it or not before you buy it. But Im pretty sure that no other games for ps3 support it. It has to do with multiplayer balance(Keyboard/mouse would have a big advantage over people using a controller) and the extra time/cost to include support for it in the game.

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