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Is the Xbox 330 worth getting?


I have just earned a lot of money and am considering buying a 360. However, it seems like there is a lot of other stuff that I need to buy with it. I am hoping for wireless but am not sure what else. i need to know pros and cons of each type (arcade, elite, regular) so that i can make a choice. I am not into spending much but prefer the hdmi.

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  1. If you are looking forward to play games online with other players, an Xbox 360 is ideal for you. You might have to pay in order to play online.

    PS3 is still pretty young. The only good thing is it can play Blu-ray movies, and you don’t have to buy a Blu-ray player. Since there are only a few games available for PS3, get the Xbox 360.

  2. I’d prefer with regular 360.The Elite comes with more memory space and the arcade.Not to familiar with it.Search n see which 360 you’d like the most.

  3. play station may have all these nice looking things but xbox has one thing that ps3 will never have HALO!!

    let me hear it for halo!

    (get a regular with a hard drive, its all you need.)

  4. There is a run down of all three 360 systems here.

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    Accessories available for purchase for the Xbox 360

    * Xbox 360 Play and Charge Kit – To recharge controllers.

    * Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adaptor for wireless online play ($70 to $100) wireless internet router in your home necessary

    * Xbox 360 Xbox Live Vision- Video Camera allowing Video Chat with Buddies

    * Xbox 360 Various Faceplates to Swap out and customize your Xbox 360

    * (Do NOT BUY)-Xbox 360 HDDVD Player- (you might want to hold off buying this Hddvd addon, HDDVD has no movie production company support, Blueray has officially won the HD format war.)

    * Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel

    * Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

    * Xbox 360 Media Player Remote (not necessary but convienent)

  5. Aight man, heres the breakdown it all depends what kinda games you want to play. I’m goin to tell you now that by the looks of it PS3 is goin to surpass 360, as the PS3 is using blu ray as opposed to DVD which blu ray is able to hold more space for graphics and for longer games. Also the PS3 you get wireless with it, as 360 you must buy a wireless port for it. Also if you want HDMI you get that with a PS3 and for a 360 you need to get the Elite for HDMI. The halo edition xbox also has a hdmi port in it, but you need to buy the cord. Regular 360 don’t have HDMI port. The Elite for the 360 also has more memory as it has 120Gb which will help if your into downloading music and games and stuff. Aight thats the breakdown. If you curious to see what games are coming out for each system that you may be interested in, check this place out http://www.ign.com or http://www.gamespot.com.

    PS Metal Gear Solid 4 kicks *!!

  6. all of the XBOX 360s have hdmi. but i would buy a Xbox 360 Elite. its the greatest video game console ever

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