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is the ps3 worth buying?



  1. The ps3 has many features.

    here’s some of the great things about it.

    -Ps3 can browse online

    -ps3 comes with built in wifi ~ xbox 360 or 360 elite don’t

    -Ps3 has a 60 GB interchangeable hard drive, meaning you can change your hard drive with any brand of hard drive 360 or 360 elite don’t.

    -ps3 online is free ~ xbox live isn’t

    -Playstation home is an interactive community of ps3 users where you can play games or meet up with friends and hang out at your virtual home and hang outs, as well as stream live media(releasing in october, and is FREE)

    -Ps3 can get Linux and other OS’s installed ~ xbox 360 cant

    -ps3 comes with a next generation disc format (blu ray-50 gigs, xbox 360 and 360 elite are only compatable with 7 GB DVDs for games, and if you’re willing to pay an extra $200 you can watch ONLY movies on hd dvd,which can only hold 30 GB)

    -ps3 has HDMI 1.3, 360 elite only has hdmi 1.2

    -ps3 has the Cell Broadband processor which consists of 8 simutaniously working cpu’s capable of processing 2 trillion calculations per second(2 TFLOPS)

    -ps3 has the best graphics with the NVIDIA RSX Graphics Processor

    -Ps3 is only $600 and is supposed to drop to $500 by october, 360 elite costs 500 and lacks wifi, a next gen disc format, and still has that huge power brick)

    Tons of ps3 games are being released this year. Over 40 of them are exclusive for just and only ps3, and over 200 shared titles. That’s also not including the 15+ new games to be announced at this July’s E3.

    Oh, and by the way, blu ray is needed, a regular dvd (which xbox 360 elite uses) can only hold up to 9 GB, whereas the ps3 has blu ray (which holds 50 GB) which means, the ps3 has much more space to hold graphic games, such as Resistance Fal of Man, it took 16 GB, that’s almost twice the space on a regular DVD, for Resistance, which graphics aren’t that great compared to games to come. Also, the DEMO for Uncharted Drakes Fortune doesn’t even fit on a DVD. Games WILL need more space. Blu ray IS needed.

  2. okay, wii makes 70 dollars selling each console, ps3 loses around 300 dollars just by selling each console. The thing is they make money by their games. it has a lot more features than the xbox360+ and it doesnt overheat+ its really cool lol =P

  3. Well, you have to look at the factors of the PS3 versus the other game systems out on the market too like the hardware, controller, graphics game play etc.

    The PS3 has the best hardware for any game system out today. The proprietary CELL chip (made up of eight independent processor cores) gives a highly customizable processing environment that outclasses both the Xbox 360 and Wii. But at the same time, this unique chipset requires more specialized programming techniques. Translation: It’s tougher to develop for than its competitors, and multiplatform games might not look any better (or might even turn out worse) on PS3 than on Xbox 360.

    The PS3 has a good controller but not the best. It’s cordless to say the least which leads to less cables being routed which is always a good thing, right? The thing though is the controller isn’t dualshock. Which just sucks * doesn’t? It also has the built-in motion-sensing technology which is pretty cool but the controller doesn’t impress too much.

    Another thing is that PS3 has the best online plan. It always does because they got a new network. So when you first connect it you will use the network. Pretty sweet.

    Also, the PS3 can play blue ray discs, compatible with all previous Playstation games including PS1 and PS2 but the thing is that you need to get memory card adapter to import old saves. Also you can use the hard drive to save videos, music, and other things.

    Two last things and I will make it quick. The PS3 does not have the best downloads at all but they have promising software and better graphics. Now the only thing they need is games for the ps3. I think the only thing that turns people off the PS3 is the price. I would definitely buy a PS3 if it wasn’t so expensive but it’s sounds and looks worth it. I will buy one and a wii too. (katamari)

    Just keep in mind that PS3 isn’t for your kids.

    So if you want something with good hardware and quality get a PS3.

    Want something family friendly and cheap, get a wii.

    Want something that had both of the two, Xbox.

    Sorry if it’s too long! Happy buying!


    1) The latest software update allows you to upscale all your old PS1 and PS2 games to 1080P as well as standard DVD’s to 1080P.

    2) Like the above response said: Blu-Ray is needed.

    3) PS3 is far more advanced in all aspects as compared to the Xbox 360 and 360 Elite.

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