Home Playstation Forum Is the official uk playstation magazine out this friday?

Is the official uk playstation magazine out this friday?


Its suppose to have some excl;usive previews on gtaiv’s multiplayer st00f, just wondering if any1 know if its out 14/03/08

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  1. You will find your answer in one of the following sites.

    Official PlayStation website: PlayStation 2, PS2

    The official PlayStation resource for PlayStation 2 PS2. UK. Change Country. Forums. Help & Support. HOME. PLAYSTATION®3. PLAYSTATION®2. PSP_ GAMES & MEDIA.

    uk.playstation.com/ps2 – 49k – Cached

    5.The Future plc

    Magazines include: Xbox 360: The Official Magazine, Official PlayStation. Music and Entertainment Magazines, Websites and Events UK.

    http://www.futureplc.com/future/portfolio/mag. – 20k – Cached

    6.Official Playstation Magazine on 1UP.com

    1UP: For the latest game reviews, news, previews, codes, cheats, contests, guides, Q&As, FAQs, screenshots, release dates, and more.

    opm.1up.com – 109k – Cached

    7.Official Playstation 2 magazine : Read reviews and compare prices at Ciao.co.uk

    Official Playstation 2 magazine: Compare prices for Computer & Internet. Enter Playstation 2 Official Magazine-UK, one of the three available monthly.

    http://www.ciao.co.uk/Official_Playstation_2_. – 70k – Cached

    8.Official UK Playstation Magazine – Media UK

    Information about Official UK Playstation Magazine, the UK magazine, including address and contact details. for Official UK Playstation Magazine. hide.


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