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Is PS3 worth the money?


im not a huge gamer but i do play often. i live in australia and ps3’s are 300 dollars more expensive then an xbox pro. should i pay the extra money or should i take the xbox? is there are gap really that big between the two consoles in quality?

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  1. The PS3 has a good amount of games for a casual gamer, and for someone who eventually wants to start getting into the harder games.

    If you consider that the PS3 is a Blu-Ray player as well as a gaming console, you are really getting your money’s worth.

    If you don’t want a Blu-Ray player then don’t even bother with the PS3 if you don’t play games that much. In that case I would settle for the Xbox 360, or even the Wii.

  2. .wow, that’s a lot of money. I would say get the PS3 cause it would save you the cost of Live, but since you’re Australian it’s your choice. Australia is awesome.

  3. if your gonna be playing online get the ps3

    you’ll make your money back in a couple of years by not having to pay for it

    and if your not going for online

    still get the ps3 for MGS 4,Killzone 2, and inFamous

  4. Both systems are very good, but it depends on what kinds of games and features you want in a system.

    The PS3 isn’t bad; the main interface is smooth and slick and the controller is comfortable and easy to use. The motion sensitivity is gimmicky, but it works in most games. The games on the PS3 vary however (that’s definitely a good thing). The system has a lot of racing, fighting, action, and shooting games; there’s even a few puzzle and platforming games on there! The online is Wi-Fi so it doesn’t require you to have a wired modem; HOWEVER, to get online, the connection has to be local (trust me, it’s a pain to get online with a protected online connection [i.e.- Verizon Fios].

    On the other hand, the XBox 360 is a good system with a limited variety in game genres. The controllers work perfectly and most of the games run smoothly and precise. Most of the games are fighters or shooters, so if you love games like these you’ll be in luck. To get online, you need to be able to connect to your modem. Setting up your account is free; HOWEVER, it does cost you to actually play games online. The online service is fantastic and the games move slick and smooth when played online.

    So in the long run, both of these systems are great.

    Choose the XBox 360 if you love violent action games and love slick online internet service.

    Choose the PS3 if you want a more varied collection of titles and free (but difficult to set up [depending on your modem]) online service.

    Good luck!

    -Mike R-

  5. i got it and i love it. i heard xbox breaks down a lot, you have to pay for online, and it doesnt have a blu ray player. ps3 also has wireless internet built in, and the controllers are wireless and dont need batteries. so ps3 actually is cheaper if you add all that into it.

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