Home Playstation Forum Is it worth trading my 40gb model ps3 for a 60gb model?

Is it worth trading my 40gb model ps3 for a 60gb model?


I know HDD size doesn’t matter, but what I own is the 40gb release (the one that came with Spiderman 3 on blu-ray), and I want backwards compatiblity

My friend and I had planned to swap HDDs and I keep his 60gb original model (with the emotion ps2 chip)

The question is, is it worth the risk to get ps2 backwards compatibility?

My other friend has had issues (among them YLOD) with his original models, and now uses a 40gb model.

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  1. First thing, that hard drive swap won’t work. The hard drive data is “married” to the PS3 its in so you will be forced to format your hard drive, deleting everything, if you put it in the 60 GB model. You will need to back up your data on an external hard drive first before the swap. Your friend will need to do the same.

    If you guys are really cool with the trade then go for it. I think the PS2 compatible models may overheat a little easier when playing PS2 games since the PS2 GPU at certain times runs faster than the PS3 one.

  2. Keep in mind that very few PS2 games are compatible with PS3. YLOD occurred in 40GB or 60GB PS3 models. If I were you, I would trade it.

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