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Is it worth getting a ps3?


I had an xbox but now its broken physically and its completely out of warrenty, I want to get a ps3, but the thing is that I enjoy playing a game of Halo, and now that reach is coming out soon, im just wondering if there are any alternatives on the ps3 that are like Halo that have alot of people playing them online. I really want a ps3, its just it doesent have have halo 🙁

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  1. Trust me get the PS3 because of the amazing games that you get on the PS3 you will soon forget about Halo the PS3 has much better games and is far better than the 360.

  2. The PS3 is a good buy, yes. The system had a Blu-ray player and PSN is free.

    There are many tittles out that will surely satisfy your needs. Here are a few you may enjoy:

    Resistance 1 and/or 2

    Battlefield Bad Company 1 and/or 2


    The Orange Box


    Far Cry 2

    Unfortunately nothing is like Halo but any of these FPS are great choices.

    Happy Gaming!

  3. yes you should. you get:

    -wired/wireless internet

    -ATRAC ([url is not allowed])

    -to copy songs from CDs to the PS3

    -to watch movies (Blu ray, regular, and even boot leg)

    -copy song from your MP3/ipod into your PS3

    -to put wallpaper and pictures on it

    -to put videos on it from your video camera

    -PSN, PSS, and PSH


    and much more. I have one and you should get something different. the wii sucks *( my friend has one) and gettign another 360 is gonna be boring since you already had one. + the price of the Ps3 has lowered to about $299 (when i got mine, it was about $400). so to sum it up: ps3 is the *! xbox 360 is alright but you had one and should get something different. and the wii is just plain *.

  4. PS3 is great, I hesitated on buying it because of halo also, but with the free bluray, free online, and it comes with most of the add ons strait out of the box, it just blew me away. I havn’t looked at it much, but Section 8 looks somewhat like halo [url is not allowed]. Anyway there are also may exclusives for PS3, like God of War 3, Uncharted 1,2, Gran Turismo 5, Ratchet and Clank, Little Big Planet, Silent Hill 7 etc. If you look at any of the online reveiws of Xbox 360 vs PS3, PS3 is almost always the winner.

  5. Hey, I loved my original xbox and also loved halo 1 & 2. Now I have a ps3, and have most of it’s exclusives such as little big planet and MAG and Killzone 2. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not like a fanboy. The 360 is cool, but if you like halo, dont buy a console for ONE GAME (well uhh series). It’s ur choice mate but if halo is the only thing that’s got you gravitating towards 360, you have to really love it. I played heeeeeeaaaaaapsss of halo 1 and 2 with mates and that, and i know that halo 3 is an awesome game but you can also have just as much fun with games like littlebigplanet. I know they’re different types of fun, but with some mates, throwing each other into hazards is hilarious. well for me anyways. And mag is pretty cool too, but it’s a tactical fps, VERY UNLIKE HALO.

  6. Ok, PS3;s have everything, it makes complete sense to get a PS3. There are soooo many alternatives to halo, such as killlzone 2, that just went down to $30! Killzone 2 is only for PS3. Some other amazing games only for PS3: LittleBigPlanet, God of War 1,2 & 3, Motor strom (awesome racing game), uncharted 2.

    Btw, unchrted 2, killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet all got game of the year awards 2009.

    Some more PS3 pros compared to Xbox 360:


    $100 – Wifi Adapter

    $50 a year – Online Gaming

    $30 – Charge controller

    $100 – HD DVD

    None – Internet Broswer


    Free – Built in Wifi

    Free – Online Gaming

    Free – USB to charge controller

    Free – Built in Fan

    Free – Blu-Ray Player

    Free – Internet Browser

    Some more info:

    Uncharted 2 is praised as being the best looking game on any platform to date. Recently, it became the highest rated exclusive game of all time, with a 97% metacritic score (Yes, that’s above Halo and Mario) and a record-breaking 40 Game of the Year awards. For comparison’s sake, the second most GOTY awards was given to Modern Warfare 2. it won 6. Many more games will be released both exclusively and multiplatform for the system well after both the Xbox 360 and Wii are gone.

    $60 would buy you a game with all it’s features on the PS3. On the 360, you would have to give Microsoft an extra $50 annually for the privilege to use that game to it’s full potential.

    If you try to get an Xbox 360 Arcade, it would be useless. Those $200 you get will give you nothing but an empty console. No HDD, which is extremely important in this day and age. No bluetooth, no WiFi (100Ft. Cable), no instant and free online service, high failure rate and no Blu-Ray, ever.

    PS3 graphics: 550 MHz with an HDMI (optional) cord for enhanced graphics (1080p capability).

    Xbox 360 graphics: 500 MHz. that’s it

    In conclusion: PS3’s are soooo much better than an Xbox 360. form games to price to just having the playstation store anywhere your PS3 is. It is worth getting a PS3, even if you love halo and it’s your favourite game, the PS3 ranks up 100x beter than the Xbox 360 in my opinion even though it does carry halo.

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