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Is it possible 2 connect my PS3 to SD TV using the yellow video inlet n only 1 of the 2 audio inlets?


Always worked wz my PS2, great picture n sound.
I meant connecting either z yellow or red audio cables in case z tv has only 1 inlet.

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  1. Not sure what cable your refering to.

    My PS3 is connected to a SD TV and i use the cable which has yellow, red, white leads.

  2. yes it is. But connecting only 1 audio line will give you mono sound so just pick which one would give you the best sound as one may only give you louder voices and lower volume for music or ambient sound or vice versa. try both and pick the best one.

  3. yey you should be able to but audio may not be to the highest standard because only half the audio info will be sent to the speakers

  4. You can connect the PS3 to an SDTV using the same A/V (Red, Yellow, and White) cable that you would use to connect a PS2 to an SDTV!

  5. You can buy adapters that will join the two stereo outputs to make a single mono output. However, if you’ve got a Hi Fi with the same RCA input connectors then why not connect the sound to that? You can get extension leads for the audio cables too.

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