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Is it okay to plug my iPod (TM) into an Xbox 360 (TM)?


Have you ever done it? Can I listen to it through the 360? Is there a way to safely romove it?

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  1. Yes to the first to and just unplug it for the third. Don’t tell Microsoft that you did this because it will void your warranty.

  2. Yes, you need the cord that you would usually plug it into the computer with, and then you press the middle button of the controller, go to either select music or select music device, it will come up with all the music on your Ipod, then you can exit and listen to it during gameplay or just have it on the Xbox 360 dashboard and do something else. When you want to remove it just unplug the USB port from the 360

    Note* When the Ipod is plugged into the Xbox 360, it will charge. But in order for this to happen, it needs to be on.

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