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ip address fails every time i try to connect to xbox live with wireless laptop?


ok so i think $100 is outrageous for an internet adaptor from microsoft

so im trying to hook up xbox live through a wireless laptop

my xbox 360 and laptop are connected through an ethernet crossover cable and the properties of the network on the computer are switched to sharing the connection

the network adapter says ‘wired’

but every time i test the IP address always says ‘failed’

i havnt found anything that has worked so far and i was wondering if someone could please please please please please help me out

thx in advance

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  1. Run network setup on the laptop so that it finds and recognizes the xbox. Make sure while you are running setup on the laptop you enable other computers (xbox ) to use the internet through your laptop.

  2. Right i just did something similar with mine not long ago.

    1st u dont want a crossover like old xbox, normal ethernet cable is correct.

    2nd, (if ur using vista) then ul have to use ICS (internet connection sharing) but this will give u really restricted NAT status and it wont function very well (see games, connection faliures), but unfortunately, u dont have a choice.

    3rd, if ur running xp, then u should use a network bridge which works 100% perfectly. If your on xp, then simply goto manage network connections and drag a box over the wireless and wired connection and click bridge connections. This works perfectly. Unfortunately, if ur on vista, u still have this option, but its completely broken and doesnt work for anyone 🙁

    Hope this helps

    Justin x

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