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I want to play with ps3 players but I need a usb connected ps3 controller. please read the whole paragraph.?


I have c.o.d 4 for the computer. I Love playing with my friends but i cant because you cant play with a ps3 while using an xbox 360 controller. Can i have some help to find a usb ps3 controller if there is one. can u check out this sight and tell me if it is a wireless usb controller. i know its long but i’ll give you ten points. also if you have a code name please let me have it i like a good challenge.

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  1. all ps3 controllers are USB. It’s just you can unplug them so they are wireless. good luck to you

  2. They’re all wireless and all have usb you can get them at Gamestop, EB Games, Target, Circuit City, Best Buy, and Amazon but when I bought one it didn’t come with the plug so if you wanna and extra one you’ll have to get one too but you can use the one that came with yer PS3 just use one and recharge the other or play with the other plugged in while it charges

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