Home Xbox Forum how to mod a xbox360 so it can play burnt games?

how to mod a xbox360 so it can play burnt games?


can someone tell me how or give me a site to go for myself
to the first dude.ur stupid and a loser cuz that did not answer my question and did i say anything about online i just wanna download the games and play them

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  1. I wouldn’t if I were you. Every so often xbox bring out an update which means that they can tell if you have a modded 360 and if you do they ban your console from xbox live. You might get a few months use of the mod before they release the update so its not really worth it, you’ll have to buy a new 360.

  2. you know with you being banned from xbox live may be possible I’ve had my xbox 360 modded for about 2 years now and I get on xbox live just fine plus you buy an xbox 360 to play games Mainly not to just play online so here’s a little help on how to do it

    you can buy a mod chip ( expensive and dangerous )

    or you can flash the firmware on your drive(easiest/safest way to do it)

    this is the tutorial I used

    [url is not allowed]

    now you may not have the same drive so just youtube it till you find the right one

    I did the mod by myself and I’m not too techie I just got over being worried that I was gonna mess up my xbox. Trust me if someone else can do it so can you!!

    good luck and enjoy

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