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How should I sell my PS3?


I have decided the I want to sell my PS3. I have had it for almost 4 years. I got it new in 2010 it has 160GB of storage space. I want to upgrade to the PS4. I have 2 ideas on how to sell. I’m putting it on craigslist. I have 20 games, 2 controllers, and a special carrying bag designed for the PS3. Here’s my ideas on how to sell.

Idea 1: I sell it all together for around $400. I checked the value of the console and every game and added them up and it was a little over $400.

Idea 2: I sell it all seperately based on value of the games and accesories.

Which idea is better? Should I sell it all together or separately?

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  1. nobody is going to pay $400 unless all 20 of those games came out this year and they are all really popular games , used games , even relatives new ones rarely sell for more than $10 each and a used ps2 is not going to bring more than $125

    even if thats the value of each game and the ps3 sold separate a bundle will need to be lowered in price because the buyer won’t want every game you own , they might like only a couple of those games and not want to pay anything for the others

    ask $400 buy say or best offer and hope for the best

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