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How Much Is Walmart’s Xbox 360 Warranty?


I’m going to buy an Xbox 360 Arcade soon and even though i’m getting a Jasper chip set i’m getting the warranty. And i was wondering:How many warranty’s do they have? How much do each cost? How long do they cover for? Will i get a replacement 360 immediately?

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  1. I bought the Pro there a couple of months ago and for an extra 2 year warranty was $20 plus tax. What is a Jasper chip? I don’t think you get a replacement immediately either. You have to send yours in and it will be fixed then sent back. If it can’t be fixed then they will send you a rebuilt one most likely.

  2. Microsoft gives you a 1 year warranty for all problems EXCEPT for the red ring of death ( or the hardware failure)

    The ring of death has a THREE year warranty. and your getting a jasper which probably wont even break down until a lOOOOOOONGGGGG time.

    IF you still want an extended warranty it should be about $20

  3. Usually stores don’t give warranty but Xbox covers it for 2 years as long as you have registered your xbox on their website.

  4. Every Xbox 360 comes with a three year warranty from Microsoft. I bought mine from Walmart and when it broke 8 months later I sent it into Microsoft, and they repaired it for free.

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