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How many gigabytes?


I have a ps3 (not slim) and the serial number is CE507395371 and im selling it andbi need to know how many gigabytes there are its already packed so please help


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  1. If you owned it and used it, you should know how many GB’s it has. The last thing you should have done before packing it is format the drive, and that would have shown the size of the drive.

    So, tell us where you really got it from!

  2. the serial number can’t tell anyone your model or how big the hard drive is , even the model number can’t help if the hdd has been upgraded just look at the system settings for system information and it will show that

    by the way , posting an items serial is completely idiotic , now I could call the police and report a stolen ps3 and give them the serial number for proof I own it and your ps3 will be reported as stolen and the cops could take it from you and give it to me.

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