Home Playstation Forum How do you get a refund on playstation store?

How do you get a refund on playstation store?


I bought a game that was for psp but i only got a ps3. I want my refund but how do i get it.

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  1. Getting a refund for purchase of down-loadable content is NOT REFUNDIBLE! AT all!

    NOPE! Cannot refund data!

  2. You can’t you could try to convince them is you contact sony but i doubt that they’ll let you get a refund

  3. Your out of luck.You should always know,triple check,what your buying on it.Not to say that a refund is impossible.I was charged with a subscription to PS+ when I though I cancelled it and when I emailed them they said they would let me off.So,the next day I get on my PS+ was gone and I got by 17.99 credit back!So yes the TOS agreement says no refunds but I was on their happy side that day.

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