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How do you copy files from PS3 to PC?


I have a bunch of saved videos from NHL 11 that I want to use to turn into a video. When I brought them over using a flash drive, all I got was the NHL logo and I could not get the video. How do I fix this?

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  1. there’s probably copy protection or the videos are encrypted because they are copyrighted or they’re in a format that’s only viewable in game or able to be directly uploaded , you won’t be able to copy to a pc if it’s like that.

    if there’s no copy protection then you’d just copy to a flash drive and be able to transfer to a pc

    to know if it’s a protected file or only viewable on the ps3 just try adding it to the ps3 video editor from the xmb , if it’s unable to add the video it can’t be copied to a pc

    for some videos with copy protection there’s a work around to transfer to a pc , using the ps3 video editor add the video , add some text or something to change it slightly and save to the xmb , rename it and it’ll be transferable usually

  2. You won’t be able to manually transfer the videos, they most likely have coding for security, and the format they are saved in is most likely not one that can be played back on a computer. I know that the ea sports games usually have an option to upload your saved videos to their website. You could then download the videos using a program like realplayer, or a site like keepvid.

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