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How do I get an Xbox 360 for cheap?



  1. ebay will always be the cheapest. even with the looming price drop. ebay 360’s are still going cheaper. you just have to get the right auction.

  2. Try to buy a Sunday newspaper that has weekly ads from stores such as bestbuy, circuit city, Fry’s.Sometimes, I get an ad from micro center by mail, i don’t know why. About four months ago, micro center sold it for 100 dollars less than the others.

  3. I always advice people not to look for the cheapest possible way to get a gaming console. If it is used, you never know what condition it is really in. It could save you a little bit of money now but in the long run you may end up spending more on repairs.

    Get one new for about 250 usd, that will come with a proper warranty. I have heard of some gray market xbox consoles being availble for around 220 but they do not come with a warranty and all you save is 30dollars.

  4. Wait til August 8. Prices on August 8 will drop to as follows

    Elite – 450

    Premium bundled with a game – 350

    Core – 280

    This is legit information. Microsoft doesn’t announce price drops until the day of for obvious reasons. 24 hours to go!

  5. http://www.craigslist.com ppl sell modded 360’s used and new fairly cheap. also a price drop is coming in a few days, stores like circuit city on august 12th will offer the core for $279.99 the premium for $350 and the elite for $480

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